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Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Welcome to Aesthetic Surgery Thailand, a portal that is exclusively dedicated to providing quality, yet easy-on-the-pocket Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Thailand.

Affordable Packages

Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand is far cheaper than in the West. Our value-for-money packages allow you to save big vis-à-vis prices charged in your home country.

Expert Plastic Surgeons

Aesthetic Surgery Thailand helps you get an easy access to expert surgeons in Thailand for Plastic Surgery, at highly reduced prices.

Satisfying Medical Trip

We offer comprehensive services and are committed to providing complete assistance to our clients in planning a safe and satisfying medical trip to Thailand

A Thai Holiday

Whether you get breast implants or just a small nose job in Thailand, the country will delight your sense with its varied offerings - from scenic beaches to scrumptious Thai cuisine.

Meet our Plastic Surgeons

Your aesthetic surgery will be performed by English-speaking and board certified Thai plastic surgeons with impressive credentials.

Dr. Vitawat Angkatavanich
Dr. Vitawat Angkatavanich

A renowned plastic surgeon in Bangkok - Thailand with training from Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States.

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Dr. Pitch Paiboonkasemsutthi - Thai Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Pitch Paiboonkasemsutthi

A renowned Thai plastic surgeon with thousands of aesthetic procedures to his credit and work experience at Yale University in the United States.

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Dr. Somsak Chuleewattanapong - Thailand Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Somsak Chuleewattanapong

Leading plastic surgeon practicing in Bangkok, Thailand who has undergone training in the United States and Taiwan.

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Dr. Vitasna Ketglang - Plastic Surgeon - Thailand
Dr. Vitasna Ketglang

A highly experienced Thai plastic surgeon specializing in urogynecology and aesthetic gynecology and has undergone advanced training in the USA and Singapore.

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