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Plastic Surgery in Thailand

A Thai Way to Rejuvenate Yourself

The need to look physically appealing to the world is growing by the day, and simultaneously, the number of people seeking cosmetic procedures is mounting. Now, everybody need not be genetically blessed to have those captivating looks. Doctors have the skills, and the equipment, to grant you the looks you desire.

However, the cost of plastic and cosmetic surgery may be quite a big hindrance in your way to looking good.

We know, you fear the hefty bills that come along with such treatment, and it’s quite likely that your insurance refuses to cover it.

Aesthetic Surgery Centres in Bangkok, Pattaya & Phuket might have the solution for you. Cosmetic surgery in Thailand costs much lower than in the West. Affordability of surgery is a big draw among medical tourists who throng the Southeast Asian country from all corners of the globe.

Is growing age playing havoc with your skin? Do you wish you could look young and attractive again? The aged and even middle-age people, who want to get rid of the lines, wrinkles and creases on their skin and crave to regain the beauty of their yesteryears, can benefit from plastic surgery in Thailand, which could easily be within your means.

The most popular plastic surgery procedures in Thailand are listed below (in order of popularity):

• Breast augmentation (breast enlargement)
• Breast lift
• Breast reduction
• Facelift &/or neck lift
• Eyelid lift
• Nose reshaping
• Chin augmentation
• Brow lift
• Liposuction
• Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)
• Sex Change Procedures (SRS)
• Gynecological Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery (used to enhance your looks) is only one part of plastic surgery, which otherwise includes reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, treatment of burns, etc.

The ease of availability and significantly low cost of Sex Change Surgery in Thailand makes it a very popular procedure among the westerners.

We, at Aesthetic Surgery Thailand, bring you the services of expert Thai plastic surgeons at heavily discounted prices.

Additionally, you get to enjoy the scenic locations and the warm sun, rest and recuperate on the exotic beaches, and savor the scrumptious Thai cuisine.

The expanding medical tourism industry in Thailand is endeavoring to provide all comforts to the foreign medical traveler. Thailand’s growing compliance with international standards of healthcare further ensures that medical tourists feel at ease here.

We offer you a comprehensive range of services, right from planning to executing a safe and satisfying medical trip to Thailand. Cosmetic surgery in Thailand isn’t just attractive for being affordable; the country offers safe medical facilities with surgeons having years of experience in their field.

Some Thailand cosmetic surgery packages might even include accommodation facilities, so you don’t have to worry about it on your own. If you’ve decided to get cosmetic surgery in Phuket or Bangkok, you might consider scouting the web for information on the best places to visit there.

While Thailand’s cosmetic surgery prices might be enticing to you, reality is that there are possible disadvantages of opting to go there for any type of procedure. These disadvantages include:

  • Traveling to a very far location for treatment – a foreign land you might know nothing about.
  • Not having easy access to a follow-up with the doctor who treated you.
  • As such, you also can’t go back to the same doctor in case something goes wrong.

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery says women make up 83% of the people who go through cosmetic surgery. If you’re a single woman, there are safety concerns to be addressed. (Nevertheless, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, plastic surgery in men increased by 2% in 2010, and men are certainly welcome to get plastic surgery in Thailand.)

You must weigh all options well, before landing up in Thailand for plastic surgery. It is advisable think up of a contingency plan for every point listed above and for any other you might have thought of.

Consult the nearest Thai embassy if you’re going to have cosmetic surgery in Thailand. U.S. citizens staying for less than 30 days do not require a visa, but would need a passport for entry. If you’re going there by land, you can only stay for 15 days. Without a visa though, you will only be allotted 90 days of visit within a six month period.

The lure of low-cost medical services, combined with a relaxing beach vacation is drawing many towards plastic surgery in Thailand.