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Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon from Bangkok, Thailand

Leading aesthetic plastic surgeon from Bangkok, Thailand talks about his education and experience.
Following is the video narration.“I am a plastic surgeon. I have been in the practice for 25 years. And I was educated here in Thailand and further my studies in the states. Mostly, 80 – 90 percent of my practice now is cosmetic, only 20 percent is reconstruction. And eighty percent of my cases, my clients, my patients they are foreigners. But they are not tourists. They are …who works here in Thailand or their relatives who just came for holiday and they just….what I mean is that they came to me by word of mouth not by the advertisement or agency, mostly like that.”

Bangkok dental clinics in Thailand offer an affordable cost of dental treatment. The clinics are well equipped with latest technology and the dental surgeons are experienced and internationally trained. These are the major reasons why people prefer Thailand for dental holiday.

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