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Labia Minora Reduction in Thailand

For many women in the world, their labium minus is a cause of embarrassment. Due to a number of reasons enumerated further in the article, some women may have abnormally sized or shaped labia minoras. A viable option for them is to consider labia minora reduction in Thailand. After all, getting this problem fixed in […]

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Tummy Tuck in Phuket – Thailand

The unsightly jiggle in the belly can be gotten rid of through affordably priced tummy tuck in Phuket -Thailand. A number of medical tourists from across the globe are making a beeline for cosmetic surgery in Thailand because of a number of reasons, the primary one being their low costs vis-à-vis the atrociously humongous sums of money […]

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Blepharoplasty in Bangkok – Thailand

If drooping eyelids are a pressing concern of yours, then it may help to check out blepharoplasty in Bangkok, Thailand. Eyelid surgery in Bangkok, Thailand has been getting positive reviews and feedback due to the many advantages that are associated with getting the surgery done there. If you do want to know more about what […]

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Brazilian Butt Lift Cost Thailand

Brazilian butt lift in Thailand comes with a lot of merits. In addition to giving you a svelte behind, low Brazilian butt lift cost in Thailand is an attractive part of undergoing the surgery in the exotic Southeast Asian country. At a fraction of what is charged in the United States, experienced cosmetic surgeons in […]

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Breast Augmentation in Thailand

A number of women from western countries are opting to undergo surgery for breast augmentation in Thailand. The primary reason why they travel to get their bosom augmented through breast implants in Bangkok, Thailand is because their costs are substantially less there. As per statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast […]

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Liposuction in Bangkok – Thailand

Patients battling with chronic obesity, deterred by the high cost of surgery in their native countries are increasingly turning towards Bangkok, Thailand for Liposuction. In 2002, as per the facts stated in a Harvard Business School report, the country saw 60% more medical tourists than the rest of Asia attracted by the state of the […]

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