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Bangkok Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

This video talks about the leading plastic and cosmetic surgery hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. The plastic and cosmetic surgeon in this video also confers the countries he has been getting patients from.
Following is the video narration.

“We are leading, one of the leading private hospital in Thailand. The patients love us because according to them, they say that we are more friendly and more cosy and mostly it’s not like going to a hospital, it’s like going to a factory like… we have, we spend more time with the patients. We talk more with them so I think that’s what they want before they decide to have any kind of treatment. We have a large portion of the Japanese, local Japanese community, then big portion of the European and the Americans as well, oh by the way, Australians as well.”

With an affordable cost of plastic and cosmetic surgery, and quality treatment, people from different countries have been visiting Thailand for their surgery.

Some procedures of plastic and cosmetic surgery are liposuction (fat removal surgery), breast augmentation, face lifts, brow lifts, buttock lifts, cheek and chin augmentation, breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty, blepharoplasty and breast lift.


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