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Brazilian Buttock Augmentation Thailand

If you are tired of failing to get the perfectly shaped behind despite exercising strenuously, you can achieve that toned look through Brazilian buttock augmentation in Thailand. Because of the presence of advanced medical facilities and experienced cosmetic surgeons, opting for plastic surgery in Thailandcan be a viable route to a well-shaped derriere.Butt Augmentation Thailand
According to the Kasikorn Research Center, the number of medical tourists thronging Thailand was expected to reach 2 million by 2010. As patients all over the world aspire for physical rejuvenation, cosmetic and plastic surgery in Thailand offers an affordable path to a shapely and aesthetically pleasing body.

What is Brazilian Buttock Augmentation?

You can get a desirable, quintessential “Brazil” butt in Thailand through a surgical procedure that combines fat cells transfer and body contouring through liposculpture. This form of shaping the buttocks is called a Brazilian buttock augmentation.

The technique involves harvesting excess fat cells from other areas of your body and injecting them into your buttock tissue. Simultaneously, the buttocks may be contoured to a desired shape and size.

Advantages of Getting Brazilian Butt Augmentation in Thailand

A report commissioned by The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research in 2009 titled “An Insight on Medical Tourism Sector Developments in Asian Countries” found that nearly 1.54 million medical tourists brought nearly US$740 million into Thailand in 2007. Quite a few of them were seeking cosmetic surgery in Thailand.

Some of the advantages of choosing to get a Brazilian bum lift in Thailand are as follows:

  • The cost of Brazilian butt lift in Thailand is favorable when compared to the prices charged in the US. In some cases, the cost of the surgery could be almost 30-70% lower.
  • Plastic and cosmetic surgery hospitals in Bangkok and other major cities of Thailand can be comparable to those in the developed nations in terms of quality of care offered. Setting global standards, these hospitals use cutting edge technology and equipment to perform procedures. Streets of Thailand
  • One can also choose from a large number of board-certified and highly trained plastic surgeons in Thailand. Additionally, many of them are trained in the US and speak English fluently.
  • Patients can easily schedule Brazilian butt lift in Thailand since medical professionals and hospital facilities are amply available. In fact, for certain procedures such as nose surgery in Thailand, the waiting time could be almost nil.
  • Another advantage of getting Brazilian butt lift in Thailand is that one can convalesce in complete anonymity away from one’s home country.
  • Thailand is a highly sought-after travel destination. Often called the Golden Land and the Land of Smiles, this friendly country of modernity balancing with beautiful traditions provides an added reason for medical tourism. Getting Brazilian buttock augmentation in Thailand gives one an opportunity to vacation in an exotic land.

Considering Brazilian Buttock Lift in Thailand? Useful Tips

  • Before deciding on Brazilian buttock Augmentation in Thailand, spend some time researching the procedure and surgical hospitals and surgeons in Thailand.
  • With many JCI (a US-based body that sets the benchmark for hospital standards the world over) accredited hospitals in Thailand, medical tourists are spoilt for choice. Many of these well-staffed and well-equipped hospitals are newly constructed to meet an increasing demand for cheaper surgical procedures such as facelift and breast reduction in Thailand.
  • When in Thailand be cautious about your wellbeing and security. Keep your valuables in your hotel safe and remain watchful about your possessions.
  • Under the laws of Thailand, your passport must be carried with you at all times. Be wary of pickpockets.
  • Make sure you are aware of Thailand’s travel requirements. All non-Thai travelers need passports for entry into the country. US citizens do not require a visa if their stay is limited to 30 days. But in case of land entry, a visa-less stay is capped at 15 days.
  • The Thai royalty is highly revered in the country and should be duly respected. Remember to be aware of Thailand’s Buddhist traditions.

With the country’s accredited surgical centers, trained plastic surgeons, and affordability of treatments, Brazilian buttocks lift in Thailand is a popular choice. Add to this, the unique attractions of the Southeast Asian country such as its pearly white beaches and pulsating city lights of Pattaya and Phuket and the international flavor of Bangkok, and you get fantastic value for your medical tourism package.

Patients who seek Brazilian buttock augmentation in Thailand can return home with a taut behind and that too without shelling out a fortune.