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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Thailand

In this video, a leading aesthetic plastic surgeon from Bangkok talks about cosmetic and plastic surgery in Thailand.

The plastic surgeon talks about different types of cosmetic procedures like face lifts, tummy tuck, breast enlargement and reduction. He also talks about recovery time taken after different aesthetic procedures.

Video Narration

“I think for somebody to fly and have a not complicated recovery and not so much downtime will be either face lifts or tummy tuck or .. boob jobs or the liposuctions.  The other thing I think it will be too complicated because like breast surgery like breast enlargement and breast reduction, you need a week after the surgery in Bangkok before flying back that is safe.  For tummy tuck we need about two weeks, face lifts also about two weeks but face lifts is because of the bruises and the swelling but other thing like tummy tuck which needs two weeks is because of the physical limitation we have to be bear in mind.”

Plastic surgery hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand are well equipped with advanced technology and have internationally trained aesthetic surgeons having considerable experience in their field. Therefore, lots of people come to Thailand for high quality plastic surgery at affordable cost.