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Cosmetic Surgery Demands: Kate Middleton’s Nose

Patients flying to Southeast Asia to get a nose job in Thailand might want to consider using as model the schnoz of Catherine, the Duchess of Wales. It’s what more and more are asking for back in England.

One UK cosmetic surgery clinic has reported that the Duchess’ nose was the most requested surgery they performed in 2012, triple the numbers in 2011. Kate Middleton

Kate’s pretty little proboscis is straight with a cute round button on the end, and it’s in impeccable proportion to the rest of her face. It’s no wonder more and more women who are dissatisfied with the nose nature gave them are asking surgeons for hers.

Furthermore, being the world famous wife of Prince William, Kate is always photographed looking cheery and confident, which especially appeals to women who are unhappy with their own nose-dominated physiognomies.

The surgery in the UK and other Western countries can cost an arm and a leg, however. One woman in England took out an interest-free 12 month loan to pay for her new sniffer, a procedure that cost her a not insignificant £4,900 (approx. $7,670).

But those who desire to reshape their nose should not be asking themselves, “How am I going to pay for this?” What they should be asking is, “How much for a nose surgery in Thailand?”

That’s right: Thailand. Yes, it’s pretty far away, but the cost of rhinoplasty in Thailand is tremendously lesser than in Western countries with high costs of living, such as England, Australia, and the United States.

However, Western patients fed up with their noses don’t have to sacrifice quality for a lower price when they go to Thailand for a nose job. Plastic surgery in Thailand, popular among Thai citizens as well as foreigners, is a thriving industry, and cosmetic surgeons in Thailand are expert physicians with years of experience. Remodeling a face to resemble Middleton’s—or the also popular Angelina Jolie’s—would be no problem for a plastic surgeon in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

Housing the latest in cutting edge technologies, Thailand’s state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery clinics are equipped to handle any type of surgery request a patient could make. From breast implants in Bangkok to Brazilian buttock augmentation in Phuket, Aesthetic Surgery Thailand’s network of clinics will be able to accommodate any type of plastic surgery request.

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