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Face Lift Surgery Doctor in Bangkok, Thailand

The video features a leading face lift surgery doctor from Bangkok, Thailand, who talks about his education and experience.

Following is the video narration:

“I am a plastic surgeon. I graduated from the board of plastic surgeons, Thailand. After I graduated from plastic surgery in Thailand, I also …. in Songkhlanakarin hospital in Thailand on maxillofacial surgery. I also have a …… in Boston university about rhinoplasty and some about breast surgery. And we have a …meeting every year in Asian congress of plastic surgeons and also some international congress in plastic surgeon around the world.

Usually operation which I make, morely is the breast operation may be the breast augmentation, reduction – mammoplasty, face lift operation and other operation that I do is the tummy tuck operation, liposuction and face lift operation. Usually ….i can do and professional, I think, mostly is the breast operation and face lift operation. You have to think about what the patient wants first, you have to ask your patient first and if she wants to do a operation and her body can do, so you can do operation. Sometimes patient wants to do operation but her body is not good for operation, you cannot do operation.”

The surgeon specializes in plastic and cosmetic surgeries including face lifts, tummy tuck, mammoplasty (breast reduction and breast augmentation), liposuction, etc.

Low cost of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Thailand, internationally trained doctors and state-of-the-art hospitals are the major draws for medical tourists from all parts of the world. Cultural, historical and natural sights in the vicinity of Thailand attract millions of tourists every year. Along with the medical treatment, one may also plan for a memorable holiday in the mesmerizing beauty of Thailand.

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