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Fat Transfer to Buttocks in Thailand

If the high cost of treatment is the only thing that’s getting in the way of your strong desire to undergo cosmetic surgery for fuller and shapelier buttocks, then one option that you can look into is affordable fat transfer to buttocks in Thailand.

Fat grafting to buttocks is alternatively known as Brazilian butt lift. The low cost of Brazilian butt lift in Thailand is one of the many reasons why it is preferred by a lot of medical tourists from the West. The wide range of affordable cosmetic procedures in Thailand makes this country popular with cosmetic surgery seekers. Fat Transfer Buttocks

In the United States alone, there were a total of 3,143 patients who underwent buttocks lift in 2009, with women comprising 93% or 2,920 of them. Come 2011, this number jumped to 4,546 patients (source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons). The high cost of cosmetic treatments in the US makes buttocks fat transfer in Thailand a more attractive option.

What is Butt Fat Transfer?

Surely, fat grafting to buttocks is cheap in Thailand. But before you decide to pursue this, it’s better to have an overview of the procedure first:

  • Augmenting your buttocks with your own body fat results in a more natural look and little chances of your body rejecting it. Fat cells are harvested from other areas of the body through liposuction and then injected back into specific locations in the buttocks to achieve the desired shape.
  • For about two months, the patient should not wear tight clothes to avoid pressure on the buttocks. Sitting should also be limited during this period.
  • To allow fat cells to flourish in the buttocks, patients are advised to follow a high-carbohydrate diet. However, excessive eating and fat burning exercises should be avoided.
  • Butt augmentation with fat transfer in Thailand is a good alternative to implants; plus, it doesn’t come with a high price tag.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks in Thailand – Advantages

A lot of medical tourists, particularly Europeans and Australians, prefer buttocks augmentation in Thailand. Here are some of the reasons why: Hospital Interior of Thailand

  • The buttock fat grafting cost in Thailand is around 50% cheaper than in First World countries. Thanks to the low cost of living and intense competition among plastic surgery clinics here, the prices of cosmetic treatments are kept as low as possible.
  • Patients can use their huge cost savings to further enhance their appearance. They can take advantage of other equally inexpensive cosmetic treatments in Thailand such as a tummy tuck in Bangkok or a breast lift in Phuket.
  • There are many highly competent doctors performing fat grafting buttocks procedure in Thailand. Many of these doctors have international education and training, making sure the quality of treatment is nothing short of world class.
  • Thailand has a number of reputable hospitals and cosmetic surgery clinics that feature state-of-the-art medical facilities and the latest medical equipment. There are over 10 hospitals in Thailand that are certified by the JCI.
  • Many plastic surgeons in Thailand speak fluent English, which is a big convenience for international patients.
  • The best way to enjoy your stay for buttock augmentation with fat grafting in Thailand is to combine it with a short yet fulfilling vacation. As per your doctor’s advice, you can take this opportunity to visit some of the most breathtaking travel destinations in Thailand with your loved ones.

Buttocks Augmentation in Thailand – Some Tips for Foreign Patients

  • Before heading to Thailand for any medical or cosmetic treatment, make sure to research well and choose the right doctor and healthcare facility. You may check out credible patient feedback and testimonials online.
  • All tourists are required to present their passports to enter Thailand. Those coming from the US do not need a visa if staying less than 30 days. Passports should be carried by visitors at all times.
  • Strictly observe Thailand’s customs and traditions to avoid any hassles and to show respect as well. A basic etiquette in Thailand is to remove your shoes before entering their homes.

No one has to spend their entire fortune just to enhance their buttocks or any part of their body. Thanks to affordable fat transfer to buttocks in Thailand, you can turn your back and walk away from anyone or anything with a proud smile on your face.


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