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Laser Assisted Liposuction Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand

In this video, a leading plastic surgeon from Bangkok, Thailand talks about laser assisted liposuction surgery.

The cosmetic surgeon explains how the new laser assisted liposuction surgery is more effective and specific for the fat cells than the conventional methods of liposuction.

Check out the video where the surgeon talks about the benefits and limitations of new laser assisted liposuction.

Video Narration

“is fairly new….. is a kind of a laser assisted liposuction.  You may have heard of a laser assisted like a smartlipo or whatever fancy name but this one is a different kind of wave length of the different laser, which is more specific for the fat cells.  Theoretically it is more selective for the fat cells and then the bruises and the pain is less than the former or the older model, or the conventional liposuction and with the help of the laser assisted, that means the laser power will melt down the fat first with very small fiber optics and then you follow with suction, a low pressure suction.  So the bruises and the swelling is less but anyways depend upon the same.  After a liposuction, you need about 3 to 6 months before you conceive a final result and with the laser heating of the, hopefully you heat up the collagen and the tissue under the skin, that it will help it shrink better than the conventional one. But anyway the doctor must be very scrutinized about choosing the right candidate because you are doing the liposuction that means that you have to rely on the skin to shrink back to its shape so we are not talking about doing that technology in 70 years old grandma because it won’t help.  It does help but it is not a magic machine that is good for everybody.”

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