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Mommy Makeover in Phuket – Thailand

For some women, attempting to get back into their former shape, after having a baby, can prove to be an impossible goal, naturally at least. To get back their former figures, a little nip and tuck may be in order. This is where getting a mommy makeover in Phuket -Thailand can come in. Mommy Makeover

Getting mommy makeover surgery in Thailand, and particularly in Phuket, may be the answer to many a mommy’s dream of wanting nothing but their pre-baby body back, one that is free from loose skin, stretch marks, flat breasts or just plain sagginess at a price that won’t drill a big hole into her savings.

Find out more about mommy makeover surgery in Phuket below.

What does Plastic Surgery After Childbirth Entail?

What exactly is a mommy makeover and what can moms expect from it? Here, we try to break it down into the basics.

  • A mommy makeover is a series of plastic surgery procedures designed for mothers who want their pre-pregnancy bodies back.
  • Mommy makeovers are tailored to a woman’s needs. There is really no real set of procedures. However, some plastic surgeons are willing to offer packages for different procedures that solve the most common post-pregnancy problems for women, including, but not limited to, stretch mark removal, breast lifts, vaginoplasty, tightening of sagging abdominal muscles and liposuction.
  • There are plenty of women who are potential candidates for this procedure. According to a survey published in an April 5, 2012 NBC story, about 64% of the 7,000 survey participants revealed that they have a worse body image of themselves after giving birth. Mommy makeovers could be the solution that could help restore not only their pre-baby bodies, but also their confidence and self-esteem.

Benefits of Getting a Mommy Makeover in Phuket

As previously mentioned, getting a mommy makeover in the United States can mean exorbitant costs for the average family, or the average mommy! It is this fact that perhaps influences many women to forego the procedure altogether. However, there is a solution that lies in the fact that the cost of mommy makeover in Thailand is much, much lower. Read on to find out more about this benefit, as well as the many others that can come with getting plastic surgery after pregnancy in PhuketRoad View of Thailand

  • The low mommy makeover price in Thailand is the prime attraction for mommies from the United States, Australia and the UK. While its cost can run into five figures in the United States, having the surgery in Phuket may mean only paying a fraction of that. Surgical procedures in Thailand can be 30% to 70% cheaper compared to the US rates.
  • Women can expect the same level of medical expertise that they can get in the States, should they decide to get post pregnancy plastic surgery in Phuket, Thailand. Tummy tucks, laser vaginoplasty and breast augmentation in Thailand, are easily available, and performed with the same technology as in the United States, Australia, and other first world countries.
  • It is relatively easy to fly to get reconstructive surgery after childbirth in Phuket – Thailand. There are plenty of premium and budget airlines that offer flights to Thailand on a daily basis.
  • The lower cost of living in Phuket has also allowed for many affordable accommodations to spring up in the area. Tourists will not have difficulty finding affordable, yet very comfortable accommodation.
  • Because Thailand is a country that depends much on tourism, it has made allowances for the English-speaking tourists that visit the country. It is not difficult to find medical staff, as well as plastic surgeons that speak and understand English.

Helpful Tips for Mommies Traveling to Phuket for Cosmetic Makeovers

  • Thailand is warmest from March to April, while it can be very rainy from May to October. Take the climate into consideration when scheduling your surgery, as well as when packing for your mommy makeover trip.
  • Iron out all the details of your surgery even before leaving your home country. You do not want to get to Phuket only to find out that you do not have a doctor or a vacant spot at the hospital of your choice.
  • Phuket is a famous tourist destination. Plan your trip well so that you can include sightseeing in your itinerary.

Traveling for a mommy makeover in Phuket may be an affordable option for a mother trying to regain her confidence. If you are one of those new moms, looking to get into your pre-pregnancy body consider going to Phuket for a nice deal on cosmetic makeover and maybe, you can bundle a nice beach holiday along.


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