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Mommy Makeover in Thailand

Today’s moms know that having a family no longer means giving up on their active social and professional lives.Mommy Makeover The physical effects of childbirth can require multiple, costly procedures to correct; for this reason, many women are considering package-deal plastic surgery after childbirth in Thailand.

Unfortunately, the toll that childbirth takes on your body can drastically affect your self esteem, making it harder to enjoy the things you love doing. It is for this reason that many women are looking into mommy makeovers in Thailand and other developing countries.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

According to NBC News, 64% of women report negative changes to their body image after giving birth. The reasons for this are as diverse as the women themselves; every woman has areas of body that she is particularly sensitive about, which may be exacerbated by the trials of pregnancy.

Mommy makeovers are tailored to your needs; there is no set list of procedures. Typically, however, many surgeons offer packages of procedures that address the most common areas of concern for women, such as breast augmentation, stretch mark reduction, liposuction, and vaginoplasty.

About Mommy Makeover Surgery in Thailand

Post pregnancy plastic surgery in Thailand is popular due to the low cost of medical work there. With budget airlines offering low-cost flights from Australia and Europe, medical tourism to Asia is a growing phenomenon.

Whether you opt for stretch mark reduction or laser vaginoplasty in Thailand, you will have several options for the clinic and can pick the one most suited to your needs. Common destinations include Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya, each of which is home to several sophisticated clinics specializing in cosmetic surgery.

Because of the wide variety of available procedures, mommy makeover prices in Bangkok, Thailand, tend to vary according to the amount of work necessary. Typically, however, travelers to Thailand for cosmetic surgery after childbirth can expect to save between 50-80%, compared to prices for similar procedures at home.

Women worried that low mommy makeover costs in Thailand reflect a poorer quality of service need not be concerned. For the most part, clinics that offer procedures like butt lift and breast augmentation in Thailand, are as clean and modern as any in Europe, the UK or Australia.

The World Health Organization has praised Thailand for its “robust health infrastructure,” and “successful history of health development.” Many doctors have been trained in foreign countries, and many clinics feature accreditation by the Joint Commission International (JCI). This combination of low price and quality care is the reason many women are traveling for plastic surgery after pregnancy in Thailand.

About Thailand

Whether you are interested in a facelift in Phuket, or liposuction in Bangkok, Thailand has much to offer medical tourists from Europe and Australia. As with travel to any country, knowing a little bit about your destination before you go can make your trip go much smoother. Here are some basic facts about the country that will help you plan your trip for reconstructive surgery after childbirth in Thailand:

  • Bangkok, the capital and most populous city of Thailand, hosts the country’s largest international airport. Most flights from Europe and Australia enter the country there. Thailand View
  • Thai is the official language, though many in the tourism and medical industries speak English as well.
  • Thailand’s currency is known as Bhat; banks and ATMs are plentiful in all but the smallest towns. Credit cards are accepted at most larger stores and restaurants.
  • Thailand has a tropical climate and can get quite hot and humid. Temperatures are hottest during March and April; monsoon season lasts from May to October.

Women traveling for plastic surgery after childbirth in Thailand should be aware of some things when traveling with kids. While the country is generally hospitable to young travelers—particularly in beach areas that are well-developed for tourism— Thai food is very spicy and can pose a problem for young palates. Parents of children with peanut allergies should also be aware that the ingredient is common in many dishes.

The decision to pursue cosmetic surgery of any kind is ultimately a personal one. For women looking to regain some of their self-esteem after a difficult childbirth, traveling for a mommy makeover in Thailand can be a great way to save money on a host of procedures that will help you regain your confidence.


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