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Nose Surgery in Thailand

For those who want a nose job without spending much, nose surgery in Thailand can be ideal as Thailand offers affordable medical procedures.  According to the American Society for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, more than 1 billion dollars were spent on Rhinoplasties in the United States alone in 2009. It made up approximately 16.8% of plastic surgeries that took place in the country during that year. Nose Surgery in Thailand

The costs of each procedure that took place within the United States were substantial. However, there were many individuals who went without surgery or who opted for nose surgery abroad, especially in Thailand, because of the costs being lower than what the surgeries would cost in their home countries. Nose jobs in Thailand are performed by qualified plastic surgeons at substantially lower costs.

Types of Nose Jobs offered in Thailand

For those in need of reconstructive nose surgery, Thailand does offer services to help patients who have suffered from an injury or deformity. However, nose surgeries can also be performed on those who want them for cosmetic purposes only. The following procedures can help individuals get the appearance they desire while visiting Thailand:

  • Closed rhinoplasty – bone and cartilage in the nose is removed through small incisions inside the nostril. This type of nose surgery heals more quickly than some of the other options, but it is only suitable for less extensive procedures.
  • Open rhinoplasty – When more bone and cartilage needs to be removed, a surgeon will make an incision between the nostrils for giving the nose a better appearance.
  • Laser nose surgery – Laser nose jobs in Thailand can be used for minor reshaping of the nose and improvement of the skin in the area. This type of surgery is not exclusive to Thailand alone. However, cost of plastic surgery in Thailand for nose is substantially lower.

Recovering from Nose Surgery Abroad

Your recovery time would depend on the type of nose surgery you opt for in Thailand. In some circumstances, it may take a couple of weeks before you are safe to travel again. It is ideal to have nose surgery abroad in a place like Thailand because of the environment. Besides low cost, the following are some of the other upsides of opting for nose surgery in Thailand.

  • According to the Tourism Board of Thailand, the country offers many beaches and national parks with unique landscapes.
  • There are two coasts, each with a different rainy season, so it is always an ideal location to get some rest and relaxation; things greatly needed by those recovering from a nose job in Thailand.
  • Once your doctor gives you clearance, you can choose to leave Thailand immediately, or continue to take advantage of your surroundings.

Affordable Rhinoplasty in Thailand

Nose plastic surgery costs in the United States, the UK and Canada can be skyrocketing. Individuals who choose Thailand for a nose job can pay a fraction of the cost, including expenses related to in-country travel and accommodation. Nose surgery prices in Thailand are quite easy on the pocket. Medical facilities are the same quality as the quality in the US and other Western countries. Nose surgery before-and-after photos are demonstrative of the positive results of undergoing nose reshaping surgery in Thailand. Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Thailand

Ho to Go About Nose Surgery in Thailand?

After having decided on undergoing nose reshaping surgery abroad, away from home in Thailand, why not consider contacting Aesthetic Surgery Thailand to help connect you with quality, reputable doctors and certified plastic surgeons in Thailand.

With the costs of nose surgery in Thailand only a pittance compared to prices in any of the developed countries and the opportunity to combine getting a nose which you always desired with relaxing in the tropical environs of this beautiful South East Asian country, the entire experience will improve your overall confidence and you will return home rejuvenated and as fresh as ever.