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Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Looking for affordable plastic surgery in Thailand? You sure are one among many who have chosen Thailand for plastic or reconstructive surgery, to treat abnormalities of the body or just to enhance their physical appearance.Mandible Angle Reduction in Thailand

A growing trend among the urban youth around the world to get their nips and tucks  to look better has resulted in a boom in the cosmetic surgery industry, especially in Asia where getting a cheap plastic surgery is easily available. In fact, with Thailand plastic surgery packages, you may be able to combine your medical needs with a great vacation abroad.

In the year 2010, 15.9 million visitors flocked to Thailand, as is revealed by the statistics released by the Department of Tourism, Thailand.

The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research released statistics for the year 2008, which indicate that out of the 15, 00, 000 travelers who visited Thailand in the year 2008, 300,000 were medical tourists.

Thailand plastic surgery packages

Cosmetic surgery packages in Thailand offer much more than just an enjoyable holiday, where you can also get a makeover in the hands of expert plastic surgeons. Imagine recuperating from a cosmetic surgery procedure in a luxurious resort. The breathtakingly beautiful locales of Thailand are rejuvenating to the travelers.

Plastic surgery procedures in Thailand include nose surgery, tummy tucks, breast reduction, breast implants, cheek dimple reconstruction and much more. The city of Phuket in Thailand is among the most famous for cosmetic surgery treatments of all kinds. English is a commonly spoken language in the country and, thus, millions of visitors who flock to Thailand every year face no communication hassles.

Why choose Thailand for plastic surgery?

  • Plastic surgery prices in Thailand are much less than the cost for plastic surgery in western countries
  • Plastic surgery clinics in Thailand offer first class, and luxurious medical facilities with state of the art technology and specialized plastic surgeons. The services offered are comparable to the best in the world. The World Health Organization’s 2000 ranking put the Thai healthcare system at number 47, not much below the USA’s ranking at 37.
  • The beautiful locales of Thailand and the sumptuous Thai food are added attractions for those who wish to visit Thailand for a plastic surgery.
Following is a short clip on pre and post operative care in a leading plastic surgery center in Thailand.

Following is the video narration.
“Before trying to do the surgery, especially on the plastic surgery, better to let the patient know the information first what can be done and what cannot be done and how to take care after operation to and for the recovery time and from the preparing to, because some patients they take only supplement like that.

For the minor case I think we have more than one hundred case and a major of something about 20 to 30 cases.

This hospital is the, mainly is the, we have plastic surgery department, that is quite a big department here, we have about 14 plastic surgeon here in the hospital that are working full time.”

Travel advice for people seeking Plastic surgery in Thailand

  • There are a number of reliable government sites on the internet where you will find travel advice to Thailand.Taxi in Bangkok
  • Find reliable blogs and forums on the internet that give reviews on plastic surgery in Thailand. You will be able to pick important information on various plastic surgery clinics in Thailand from these forums
  • Research extensively on the plastic surgery clinic and surgeon that you have chosen and make sure you talk to a few people who got their plastic surgery done from the same clinic and doctor.

With its picturesque locates, warm hospitality and world class facilities, Thailand is surely the perfect destination to visit for a makeover that will make a difference to your life.