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Recovery Time after Plastic Surgery in Thailand

In this video, a leading aesthetic surgeon talks about recovery time after plastic surgery in Thailand.

Video Narration

“Before trying to do the surgery, especially on the plastic surgery, better to let the patient know the information first what can be done and what cannot be done and how to take care after operation to and for the recovery time and from the preparing to, because some patients they take only supplement like that.

For the minor case I think we have more than one hundred case and a major of something about 20 to 30 cases.

This hospital is the, mainly is the, we have plastic surgery department, that is quite a big department here, we have about 14 plastic surgeon here in the hospital that are working full time.”

Thailand plastic surgery hospitals handle an average of hundred minor cases and 20 to 30 major cases. The staff in the hospital is well trained and works full time to serve medical tourists coming from different international destinations to avail quality healthcare services at affordable price.