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Steep Rise in Arm Lift Demand

Whoever is to credit – be it Jennifer Anniston, or our taut-armed First Lady Michelle Obama – one thing is for sure: well-toned arms are in. Other celebrities spurring the arm lift craze include Demi Moore, Jessica Biel, and Kelly Ripa.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reports that the number of arm lifts performed in the U.S. in 2012 rose to almost 23,000, over 4,000 more of the procedures than in 2011. In the last ten years, the demand for arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, has risen by a whopping 4,378%!  Thailand

An upper arm lift is a procedure that involves the removal of fat and/or loose skin in order to give the arms that tight, toned look that is so hot right now.

Another likely cause for the recent spike in arm lift demand is that Americans are losing tons of weight. The popularity of television shows like The Biggest Loser, as well as weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass and gastric plication, have caused Americans to get out and shed their extra poundage in droves.

But losing all that weight presents another problem. Being overweight stretches the skin, making it impossible to tighten back up without surgical help. The surgery leaves a scar, but many patients see it as a trade off. For many, taut arms with a scar look better than flabby ones.

Even though U.S. arm lift numbers are soaring, they still do not fully represent the popularity of the procedure. Lured by the prospect of a better deal abroad, many people fly across the globe to have arm lift surgery in Bangkok, Thailand. Here, in this bustling Southeast Asian metropolis, they are getting the same shapely limbs for a fraction of the price.

According to ASAPS, the average upper arm lift in the U.S. costs $4,055. That’s quite a pretty penny, and can be especially difficult to afford for those who lost weight through bariatric surgery and have to consider the bill for arm lift surgery on top of what they paid to lose weight. Many Americans are discovering, however, that the cost of arm lift surgery in Bangkok is so low that they are saving 50% or more on the surgery there.

Medical tourism is a thriving industry in Thailand, a country that is quickly becoming a global hub for cosmetic procedures. As plastic surgery gains popularity around the world, more and more people are seeking bargains outside their home countries.

With over a dozen JCI accredited hospitals in Bangkok, foreign patients are easily finding plastic surgeons they can trust who provide medical care that is up to par with what they would expect to receive in clinics in their home countries. It is comforting for patients to know that they are not sacrificing quality of care for a smaller bill.

Taut, toned arms are in. With the popularity of bariatric surgeries on the rise, the demand for arm lift surgery is most likely going to continue to rise in the coming years, and the world class plastic surgeons in Bangkok are ready to meet that demand head on.

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