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Plastic Surgery Bangkok

If you would like to improve your appearance without breaking the bank, plastic surgery in Bangkok can be considered. In Bangkok, plastic surgery costs are almost a fraction of the prices charged in the West.  Going under the knife to enhance one’s looks is quite a rage among the Americans. This can be gauged from […]

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Thigh Tuck in Thailand

If you are looking for an easy on the pocket surgical procedure for getting rid of redundant, loose skin on your thighs, then thigh tuck in Thailand can be a worthwhile option. Thigh lift surgery in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand will not only help you rein in your expenses but also give you a chance of […]

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Nose Job Thailand

The formal name is rhinoplasty but most people call it by its more informal name – nose job.  It is the most common cosmetic surgery in the United States.  The U.S. has the most nose jobs in the world, but they are very expensive.  A nose job in Thailand can be done with equal expertise, […]

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Traveling to Thailand for Facelift Surgery

In this video, a leading plastic surgeon from Bangkok talks about pre-operative preparations for people traveling to Thailand for facelift surgery. Video Narration “The first one is ok on medical health, if they have any medical problem, better to control it first and maybe we can contact and send you information and tell you how […]

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Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Looking for affordable plastic surgery in Thailand? You sure are one among many who have chosen Thailand for plastic or reconstructive surgery, to treat abnormalities of the body or just to enhance their physical appearance. A growing trend among the urban youth around the world to get their nips and tucks  to look better has […]

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Face Lift Surgery Doctor in Bangkok, Thailand

The video features a leading face lift surgery doctor from Bangkok, Thailand, who talks about his education and experience. Following is the video narration: “I am a plastic surgeon. I graduated from the board of plastic surgeons, Thailand. After I graduated from plastic surgery in Thailand, I also …. in Songkhlanakarin hospital in Thailand on […]

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