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Colon Vaginoplasty in Thailand

For people seeking male to female gender reassignment surgery, a cure for vaginal agenesis or are undergoing vaginal stenosis therapy, colon vaginoplasty in Thailand is a viable option. Given the sensitive nature of such procedures, heading away from home for sex change in Thailand has become a popular choice. With world-class surgeons operating in globally […]

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Transsexual Male to Female Operation in Bangkok – Thailand

Biological males looking to make the physical transition to female often face emotional and financial difficulty when they consider ¬†undergoing gender reassignment surgery. A popular option is to get transsexual male to female operation in Bangkok, Thailand, as it is available at a fraction of the price in the West. Another benefit of getting sex-change […]

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Male-to-Female Sex Reassignment Surgery in Bangkok

Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery in Bangkok is a viable solution for men who seek to transform to the fairer sex biologically and mentally. Multitudes of people from across the world flock to Thailand to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Thailand has the most experienced and reputed surgeons in conversion surgery. Aesthetic surgery in Thailand […]

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Sex Change Thailand

For those experiencing discrimination or very high costs for sex change surgery, Thailand can be an attractive option. Sex change in many countries is a taboo subject and surgery for sex change can be very expensive.¬† Recent studies show however, that more and more transgendered people are not willing to suffer remaining in the sex […]

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