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Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Looking for affordable plastic surgery in Thailand? You sure are one among many who have chosen Thailand for plastic or reconstructive surgery, to treat abnormalities of the body or just to enhance their physical appearance. A growing trend among the urban youth around the world to get their nips and tucks  to look better has […]

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Nose Surgery in Thailand

For those who want a nose job without spending much, nose surgery in Thailand can be ideal as Thailand offers affordable medical procedures.  According to the American Society for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, more than 1 billion dollars were spent on Rhinoplasties in the United States alone in 2009. It made up approximately 16.8% of […]

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Chin Implants in Bangkok – Thailand

Chin implants in Bangkok, Thailand are extremely popular among people wishing to undergo aesthetic surgery in Thailand to improve the shape and look of their chin. There are two reasons behind people opting to have chin implant surgery in Bangkok, these are: Exceptionally high quality of medical care. Low costs as compared to the prices […]

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Face Lift Surgery Doctor in Bangkok, Thailand

The video features a leading face lift surgery doctor from Bangkok, Thailand, who talks about his education and experience. Following is the video narration: “I am a plastic surgeon. I graduated from the board of plastic surgeons, Thailand. After I graduated from plastic surgery in Thailand, I also …. in Songkhlanakarin hospital in Thailand on […]

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon from Bangkok, Thailand

Leading aesthetic plastic surgeon from Bangkok, Thailand talks about his education and experience. Following is the video narration.“I am a plastic surgeon. I have been in the practice for 25 years. And I was educated here in Thailand and further my studies in the states. Mostly, 80 – 90 percent of my practice now is […]

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