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Labiaplasty in Thailand

If you feel embarrassed because of excessively large labia minora or majora, or if your inner vaginal lips feel uncomfortable when you exercise, you may want to consider labiaplasty. Labiaplasty in Thailand is an affordable option for women who want their labias ¬†aesthetically enhanced without paying a hefty price. Medical tourism in Thailand is on […]

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Hymenoplasty in Thailand

Hymenoplasty in Thailand is a viable option for women who wish to appear chaste before marriage or want to recapture the first intercourse experience. Those who want to save considerably and remain discreet about their hymen repair should consider virginity surgery in Thailand. Cosmetic surgery in Thailand is available at a lower price than in […]

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Sex Change Thailand

For those experiencing discrimination or very high costs for sex change surgery, Thailand can be an attractive option. Sex change in many countries is a taboo subject and surgery for sex change can be very expensive.¬† Recent studies show however, that more and more transgendered people are not willing to suffer remaining in the sex […]

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