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Transsexual Male to Female Operation in Bangkok – Thailand

Biological males looking to make the physical transition to female often face emotional and financial difficulty when they consider Transsexual Male to Female Operation undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

A popular option is to get transsexual male to female operation in Bangkok, Thailand, as it is available at a fraction of the price in the West. Another benefit of getting sex-change surgery in Thailand is the privacy. Thousands of miles away from home, one can easily keep out of the prying eyes and enjoy seclusion in a country where such surgeries are easily accepted.

If you’re seeking sexual reassignment surgery (SRS), waiting due to prohibitive costs can be detrimental to your contentment. In a 2007 study by the University Hospital of Leicester NHS Trust, UK, 88% of patients who underwent male-to-female SRS surgery reported being happy after their experience post-procedure. Having SRS in Bangkok could change your life for the better.

The Process of Male to Female Sex Change Surgery

Before traveling all the way to Bangkok for genital reconstruction surgery, it is imperative to understand the details. Sex change surgery involves multiple procedures:

  • It usually begins before the surgery is done with the use of hormone replacement therapy.
  • The foundation of this surgery is a reshaping of the male genitals to function and physically resemble female genitalia.
  • As another component to your sex change surgery, you can receive breast implants in Bangkok to better complete your ideal figure.
  • In addition to these procedures, many people choose to have cosmetic surgery for their face. Procedures such as nose jobs, brow lifts, and lip augmentations can help to feminize your features.

Cost of Male to Female Surgery in Bangkok – Thailand

For those seeking a sex change operation in Bangkok, there are many factors and benefits to consider, and cost is a big consideration for many people. Cosmetic gynecology and other procedures like breast surgery in Thailand are a lot cheaper than in Australia, Europe, or America, and are also much easier to obtain here.

  • According to the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery, basic male-to-female sex realignment surgery costs over $30,000 in the West. Many people in countries like Australia, America, and Europe would have to consider loans just to have surgery in their home country.
  • Besides, few health insurance companies will help cover the expenses of a cosmetic surgery.
  • By having sex realignment surgery in Bangkok, Thailand, you can appreciate a reduced cost while also avoiding having to deal with troublesome insurance companies.
  • The cost of a sex change operation in Bangkok is low enough that you can consider looking into other procedures to enhance your appearance during your trip, as well. Procedures like liposuction, breast/butt augmentation, nose jobs and facelifts in Thailand are all quite affordable.

Reasons to get Sex Change Surgery in Bangkok

In addition to the cost and privacy it allows, there are several other reasons for you to consider traveling to Bangkok to have your procedure.

  • Thai Cosmetic Surgeons are experienced and well trained, having gone through many years of school and certification.
  • You won’t have to sacrifice the luxury of modern convenience by having sex affirmation surgery in Thailand. Bangkok is a big city where you can find comfortable hotels, shopping chains, and restaurants, all accustomed to catering to travelers.
  • Unlike in America, hospitals and surgeons in Thailand do not usually have extensive wait lists, so you can have your procedure more quickly by traveling to Bangkok.
  • Having the surgery in Bangkok also means you can get to enjoy a vibrant nightlife to beautiful historical sites like the Grand Palace, and if your doctor allows, you may indulge in some beach activities too.

Thailand transsexual surgery can be an ideal way for you to begin the process of feeling more like yourself. By having a transsexual male to female operation in Bangkok you’ll see benefits well beyond just price.


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