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Male-to-Female Sex Reassignment Surgery in Bangkok

Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery in Bangkok is a viable solution for men who seek to transform to the fairer sex biologically and mentally. Multitudes of people from across the world flock to Thailand to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Thailand has the most experienced and reputed surgeons in conversion surgery. Aesthetic surgery in Thailand is especially popular among people from the West as the cost of the procedure in this beautiful South East Asian country amounts to around 70% less than in the US, the UK, and Canada.

Gender Reassignment Surgery – a New Lease on Life

  • Sex Change ThailandSex reassignment surgery (male-to-female) is a virtual transition to a brand new life.
  • Besides implant of genitals, breast augmentation, facial feminization, and voice change surgery are also performed to transform the man to a woman.
  • Sex change operation could be a cultural shock for many.
  • It is perceived to be unnatural and at times immoral for the conservatives. So, definitely reassignment surgery is not an easy decision.

Useful Information on Transsexual Surgery in Thailand

  • In Thailand, transsexual surgery is conducted strictly as per Standards of Care (SoC) laid down by Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association.
  • The Thailand Medical Council strictly enforces “New Sex Change Regulation” of 2009 which requires the person opting for sex change surgery to be above the age of 18 years, should have lived like a woman for a year, received female hormonal therapy and should have the approval of two psychiatrists.
  • When it is confirmed beyond doubt that the patient is absolutely firm about his gender change, only then can he undergo the surgical procedure.

Benefits of Sex Reassignment Surgery in Bangkok

  • Gender reassignment surgery in Bangkok, Thailand, is a wise decision for those wishing to undergo hassle free surgery.
  • The low cost of reassignment surgery (male to female) is another reason why people prefer to travel to Bangkok.
  • Thai laws permit sex change under some preconditions which are easy to comply with.
  • According to Medical Council of Thailand, the doctors performing gender reassignment surgery female-to-male or male-to-female should be registered with the Thailand’s Medical Council and that they will be held responsible for any post operative complications arising out of the operation.
  • Also, cosmetic and plastic surgery in Thailand is comparatively low cost. Patients from the US and other industrialized countries often prefer to avail the services in Thailand because of affordability.
  • Bangkok plastic and cosmetic surgery hospitals maintain world class standards.
  • The hospitals take pains in maintaining the anonymity of the patients.
  • Most hospitals are replete with the ultra modern machines and equipment.
  • Genital reassignment surgery in Thailand is immaculately performed by the aesthetic plastic surgeons in Bangkok and other leading Thai cities.
  • ThailandSome of the hospitals in Bangkok maintain records of gender reassignment surgery pictures. Those interested can ask for reassignment surgery photos to verify the competence levels of the surgeons.
  • One can also undergo low cost, quality gender reassignment surgery (female-to-male) in Thailand. Get in touch with Aesthetic Surgery Thailand to get a free quote on female to male surgery in Bangkok and other cities of Thailand.
  • Cosmetic Surgeries such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and liposuction in Bangkok are is successfully performed by trained surgeons.
  • Many of them are trained in the US or the UK, and have years of experience.
  • Thailand offers accommodation to suit every pocket.  One can very easily spot budget as well as luxury hotels.
  • Thai food is a delight for those who would like to experiment with taste buds.

If a man’s body has a woman’s soul residing within then it is entirely his prerogative to choose the way he wants to lead his life. And, if he prefers to change, then why not! Male- to- female sex reassignment surgery in Bangkok can be a great option for those trapped in the wrong human bodies as not only will they get the privacy they wish for but also some great offers to choose from. However, those interested are advised to be wary in their research on the hospitals and aesthetic plastic surgeons in Bangkok.

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