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Nose Job Thailand

The formal name is rhinoplasty but most people call it by its more informal name – nose job.  It is the most common cosmetic surgery in the United States.  The U.S. has the most nose jobs in the world, but they are very expensive.  A nose job in Thailand can be done with equal expertise, far more luxury, but at 70 to 90 percent nose job costs are much lower. Nose Job in Thailand

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) states that in 2009 the number of Americans having a nose job was 138,258. This means a lot of Americans are in the market for nose job doctors.

Medical care and hospital facilities in Thailand are at par with those in the U.S. Cost of living in Asian countries is much lower than in Western countries.  That makes an Asian nose job in Thailand an excellent alternative to a homegrown procedure.

Why do people want nose jobs?

The shape of the nose makes a tremendous difference to the face value of any individual.  Unattractive adults and children can suffer needless rejection and discrimination. People seeking nose jobs have:

  • A too large nose
  • A crooked, or hooked nose
  • A nose with too wide nostrils

Medical reasons for reconstructing a nose can be:

  • Cancer
  • Congenital deformity
  • Obstructed airways
  • Damage because of bites or physical force
  • Perforated septum – perhaps caused by drugs or nasal spray inhalation
  • Rhinophyma – caused by rosacea, the tip of the nose becomes hard and thick

Thailand Nose Jobs – Things to know

Whether to have nose surgery in Thailand or not depends on the amount of information a patient has on the background and quality of medical care in Thailand.

Patients considering nose jobs in Thailand may ask their doctors for the following:

  •  A thorough explanation of realistic possibilities and the risks involved
  • Before and after photos of some nose jobs patients
  • A discussion of the options available.
  • An explanation of what changes will be made to the nose
  • Examination of a patient’s medical history

After the nose surgery, Thailand’s doctors typically will:

  •  Place a small sprint inside the nose for protection for five to eight days
  • Prescribe pain medication depending on individual results
  • Advise a patient not to blow his or her nose for a week or so
  • Tend to the bruising and minor swelling around the eyes

 Why have Nose Job in Thailand?

  •  Low-cost
  • High quality
  • Expert services
  • Great care
  • The best facilities
  • Beautiful surroundings

Thailand for Medical Tourists

Visiting Thailand for a nose job would also give you the chance to: Marble Temple in Bangkok, Thailand

  • Visit the bustling Thai city of Bangkok, or one of the lovely islands like Phuket
  • Bask in the sun while sipping cocktails at a beach bar
  • Watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean
  • Admire colorful gardens filled with tropical foliage
  • Visit temples and meditate on the beauty of the art and architecture
  • Shop at the bazaars, flea markets or trendy boutiques

A nose job in Thailand could help you with a better-looking or better-functioning nose.  It also provides a great environment to heal after the surgery.

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